Single Mother’s Chicken Business Helps Her Overcome Tragedy

Mrs. Black was a single mother raising her children in a farming community isolated from civilization.

Mrs. Black’s husband abandoned the family when his children were toddlers, leaving her to raise and care for her children alone. Because she had to look after her kids, Mrs. Black wasn’t able to make the commute into the city to find work like some of her peers, and her meager savings were quickly dwindling.

Send Relief teams heard of Mrs. Black’s situation, along with similar stories from other mothers in their rural village, and they started training the women on how to raise chickens for a profit. They were taught how to raise healthy chicks and pick reliable vendors to sell their meat and eggs at outdoor markets.

Today, Mrs. Black can stay home with her children, raising and educating them, because she is making a steady, sustainable income from her chickens and eggs.

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Published November 20, 2020