Sewing New Horizons

Sewing New Horizons

By Send Relief Staff

Zawadi lost the most important person in her life—her husband.

After his passing, she struggled to find work consistent enough to make a living. Then, one of Zawadi’s close family members also suddenly died.

Anyone wading through the excruciating grief these deaths brought would take months, if not years, to cope. Zawadi, however, didn’t have the luxury of time. She could no longer sustain herself financially, and she only had a few job prospects on the horizon.

That’s when Send Relief partners serving in a major city in Kenya discovered her situation!

While they delivered health care presentations and provided schools with bleach, hand sanitizer and soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a problem presented itself—most children couldn’t afford masks, even if they wanted to wear them.

Fortunately, Zawadi was a trained tailor by trade!

After partnering with our Send Relief team, she made over 150 cloth masks for students in need, empowering her to discover new ways to use her talents to earn a steady income.

And even better news, after our teams presented the Gospel throughout the mask distribution, nearly 20 children decided to follow Christ!

Pray for Zawadi to find more creative ways to use her tailoring talent and for these young new believers to grow in their relationships with Jesus. We’re so excited to see how your generosity continues to create impactful projects like these possible!

Published July 14, 2022

Send Relief Staff