Send Relief’s Compassion Efforts Extend Hope to Thousands of Refugees in Greece

Send Relief’s unwavering commitment to care for refugees continues to shine brightly, touching the lives of thousands in Greece. Through the generosity of donors, Send Relief has been able to offer aid and a lifeline of support and faith to over 11,000 individuals in Greece. Individuals like Harrison* and Moriah*are testaments to the countless lives touched by the dedication of Send Relief’s missionaries.

Harrison, a survivor of Syria’s brutal conflict, found himself grappling with the physical wounds of war and the overwhelming expectation of rebuilding his life. With his wife by his side, they embarked on a perilous journey to Greece. It was in Greece, amidst the chaos of displacement and challenges of his disability, that they connected with Send Relief. Through the kindness of volunteers and hearing the gospel, Harrison and his wife encountered and embraced Jesus.

Similarly, Moriah’s story echoes the resilience and bravery of countless refugees in Greece. A widow and mother of twin boys, she struggled with the sudden loss of her husband, navigating grief and uncertainty in a foreign land. Through Send Relief’s outreach, Moriah found material support and a network of care and empathy. From food packages and milk for her babies to emotional guidance, the organization became a pillar of strength, empowering her to face the future with courage and determination. Through the efforts of Send Relief missionaries, equipped by the gifts of selfless contributors, Moriah found comfort and renewed hope, embarking on a path of healing and strength.

These testimonies underscore the profound impact of Send Relief’s impact in Greece. Through Send Relief projects, not only are immediate needs met, but faith and community are nurtured amidst adversity.

As new areas open and the scope of Send Relief work expands, Send Relief remains steadfast in its mission to extend compassion and support to those in need, one story at a time.

Published May 28, 2024