Send Relief takes recovery supplies to tornado-stricken areas

By Mark Maynard

ASHLAND, Ky.- Eddie Byers drove the Send Relief semi-truck up to the Appalachian Ministry Center on Monday and the work began.

By Tuesday morning, he was on the way to storm-ravaged western Kentucky and Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, with meals, supplies and enough roofing material for 480 homes.

“We’re going to be hitting five different spots,” said Jamie Elkins, who works in the Ashland center. “We’re hitting four spots in Kentucky and one in Tennessee.”

“I pray you would consider helping in this ministry and praying for us,” Elkins said.

Byers, who has volunteered with Send Relief since August when he drove supplies to Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, said it’s a matter of showing God’s love.

“Personally, I’m an Acts 1:8 person and we’re commanded to do our missionary work at home and abroad,” he said. “I’ve made several trips to Hurricane Ida and saw the destruction and damage there. It really hits home when it happens right here in your own backyard. A lot of times you don’t think it will happen to you and I’m sure that went through a lot of people’s minds in Mayfield. It’s imperative that we go to help and show God’s love.”

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Published December 14, 2021