Send Relief Serve Tour in Augusta, Georgia

By Send Relief Staff

AUGUSTA, Georgia — With its rich history and vibrant community, Augusta, Georgia, became the focal point for the latest missional experience by Send Relief’s Serve Tour. The event, held in a city known for its southern charm and the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament, saw volunteers and local churches unite in a concerted effort to address the community’s physical and spiritual needs. This year’s initiative, conducted over a week, exemplified the power of collaboration and compassion in action, drawing volunteers from various regions to make a tangible impact.

770 volunteers from 65 different churches converged on Augusta to participate in a series of 35 projects designed to support local communities and share a message of gospel hope. The activities ranged from revitalizing community spaces and parks to organizing food drives for those in need, underscoring Serve Tour’s commitment to serving immediate needs and fostering long-term community development.

Volunteer with Send Relief’s Serve Tour bulding park benches at one of the 35 community projects in Augusta, Georgia.

One of the standout projects was transforming a dilapidated park into a vibrant community gathering space. Volunteers spent days painting, landscaping and installing new playground equipment, creating a safe and welcoming environment for families to enjoy. This effort beautified the area and restored a sense of pride and ownership among the residents.

In addition to physical projects, the Serve Tour placed a significant emphasis on addressing food insecurity, a pressing issue in many Augusta neighborhoods. Teams assembled and distributed hundreds of food packages to families, offering sustenance and a connection to local churches. This initiative was particularly impactful, highlighting the ongoing need for resources and support in the fight against hunger.

Serve Tour volunteers in partnership with 65 Augusta-area churches encouraged the elderly at a nursing home.

The diverse volunteers included individuals from various backgrounds and states, each bringing unique skills and a shared desire to serve. Their efforts were supported by local leaders and churches, who guided the projects and ensured that the work aligned with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Bryant Wright, President of Send Relief, emphasized the collaborative nature of the initiative during the opening ceremony. “Our presence here in Augusta is a testament to the power of unity and service. Together with local churches, we’re addressing immediate needs and laying the groundwork for lasting change in these communities,” Wright stated, underscoring the initiative’s dual focus on service and discipleship.

Coach Mark Richt encourages and supports volunteers at the rally held February 10th.

A Serve Tour Rally was held on Saturday night at West Acres Baptist Church, where volunteers heard about partnership opportunities from Disaster Relief, Georgia Baptists and Send Relief and were encouraged by Thomas Hammond (Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board), Bryant Wright (President of Send Relief), and Mark Richt (former Head Football Coach at the University of Georgia). Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief made lunches for volunteers and smoked some fantastic BBQ for the rally. It was a joy to partner with local churches, Georgia Baptists, and the Augusta Association.

The impact of the Serve Tour in Augusta extended beyond the week of service. More than 3,400 people were served in the community, with 540 gospel presentations and 24 reported salvations. Local churches reported strengthened ties within their communities, enhanced credibility and new opportunities for ministry outside their traditional settings. The Serve Tour’s activities provided a tangible expression of love and support, breaking down barriers and opening doors for ongoing dialogue and engagement.

As the Serve Tour plans for its next series of stops in 2024, including cities like Dallas, Texas, and Flint, Michigan,  as well as international locations such as Armenia and South Africa, the blueprint laid down in Augusta serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that committed volunteers and churches can have when they come together for the sake of the gospel.

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Published February 16, 2024

Send Relief Staff