Send Relief Empowers the Marginalized in Southeast Asia Through Skills and Faith Sharing

By Send Relief Staff

In Southeast Asia, the lives of many are being transformed by Send Relief’s dedication. In nearly five months, 150 people were directly impacted by their ministry, with 40 individuals hearing the gospel and three coming to faith.

One story that highlights Send Relief’s engagement is Ariana’s*. Ariana, who once walked a dark path that included prostitution, first encountered Send Relief 10 years ago. At the end of last year, she reconnected with Send Relief; this time, struggling with illness as a new mother. During this challenging time, Send Relief offered support and shared messages of hope to Ariana, who was afraid of dying.

Then, Ariana made a life-changing decision. She shared her desire to believe in Jesus, acknowledging her need for forgiveness and a savior. Ariana was baptized shortly after, and her story doesn’t end there. Just a week later, Ariana brought another woman, Nova*, who was also touched by her newfound faith and wanted to learn more about Jesus.

The project goes beyond individual stories. In Southeast Asia, Send Relief has invested in the future of 10 young women by providing a three-month salon skills training course. These women, referred by social services and identified in impoverished areas, are now equipped to pursue careers or start businesses. This program isn’t just about skills. Send Relief’s national partner shares Scriptures and prays with the women daily, offering them encouragement and spiritual growth.

Even further, the national partner follows up with graduates and continues ministering to them while providing salon services to those in need. Along with other team members and volunteers, they conduct weekly outreach programs, serving those who are struggling, including the marginalized, those in poverty, and even children.

Send Relief’s project in Southeast Asia is a beautiful example of how offering practical skills and sharing faith can create a ripple effect of hope and opportunity, not just for one individual but also for their community. As Ariana’s story reminds us, the impact can be even greater when individuals are empowered to share their journeys of faith with others.

Published July 1, 2024

Send Relief Staff