Send Relief Delivers Life-Saving Food Kits to South Asian Slums

By Send Relief Staff

Send Relief partner Sandeep left his village as a young man to try to help his neighbors along the border.

He felt called to serve the less fortunate and, despite his friends and family’s anxieties, obeyed God’s prompt to leave the comfort of the familiar.

When Sandeep reached a remote city filled with illiterate day laborers who had no work or food, he knew he’d found the right community to serve.

Sandeep discovered most families had already experienced three days without eating. Shocked that an outsider had come to care for them without asking for anything, the people accepted his help as he distributed Global Hunger Relief ration kits of flour, lentils and spices. Sandeep asked them if they wanted to hear about a man named Jesus who called Himself the Bread of Life.

A young man from the village, Ram, replied, “Our leaders did not come to check on us. Our people have not cared for us. And even our neighbors won’t help us or share any food because they fear they will not have enough for their children. But you, a stranger, came and cared for us. We don’t know why, and we want to listen to anything you will tell us about your God.”

That day, Sandeep planted spiritual seeds that laid the groundwork for creating nearly 2,000 new Bible study groups! Because of his boldness and your generosity, 7,000 people heard the gospel for the first time and now have access to life-saving nutrition.

Pray for church planters and these new disciples to find comfort in Christ as they face another year of hardship. Pray for Sandeep as he continues to serve in some of South Asia’s most remote, impoverished communities. To help get more emergency food rations to suffering families worldwide, give to the Global Hunger Relief fund now.

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Published December 1, 2022

Send Relief Staff