Rebel Troops Convert and Co-Pastor Church

By Send Relief Staff

Dakila and Berto grew up serving in adjacent guerilla units of the Communist Party’s army in their nation.

For more than seven years, they ate, trained and killed men side-by-side. They even getting married the same year.

Last year, after several months of brutal fighting, the two friends decided to surrender on the frontlines together.

After being referred by their overseer to a rehabilitative Send Relief project in the region, Dakila and Berto enrolled in our agriculture program to turn their guns in and learn how to become peaceful farmers in the countryside.

Along with 70 other trainees, Dakila and Berto learned how to weld, raise and breed healthy livestock and start crop rotations. Most importantly, they learned about the Bible and its promises.

After completing the training and learning how to steward the environment well, the two friends began learning about the parables and their teachings from a local pastor. Together, Dakila and Berto then decided to dedicate their lives to Jesus and start co-pastoring a church in a remote village with their families.

Pray for courage and boldness as they preach the good news to men like them who have been recruited for the army of the Community Party. Pray for protection and peace as they navigate those conversations carefully.

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Published February 9, 2023

Send Relief Staff