The Power of Clean Water

For much of her life, Myrna has spent hours upon hours and trekked miles in a seemingly endless cycle to find and retrieve one of the most basic elements of survival–water. Because of you, that cycle is over. Because of you she has clean water–not down the street, not in the town center, but in her home.

It’s difficult to put into words the scope of change that has taken place in her life. Because she and her eight children live in a remote mountain are, far removed from the nearest community, the process of finding and gathering water was a monumental task. They endured hours of walking to find a water source. Once they did, there was never a way to ensure its cleanliness. Her children have gotten sick time and time again from drinking the polluted water.

All that has changed, thanks to you. Your support helped fund a water system that pools natural springs in the area. A network of pipes carries the clean water directly to the homes. To say that it has been life-changing is hardly sufficient.

“We no longer have to carry water to our house,” Myrna says. “This endeavor was very exhausting and extremely difficult for my children. We had to walk to the river every few days since I was a small child. Now, I feel so blessed because I have an abundance of water right here at my house! This is such a great blessing for my family and me!”

Thank you for your generosity. Please give so more moms and children are spared the long, arduous walks. Please give so that simple, preventable water-borne diseases no longer claim innocent lives. Please give so that others can celebrate the security of knowing that their children will have access to the life-giving goodness of a cool drink, delivered by warm hearts just like yours.

Provide a community in need with clean water!

Give today.


Published March 18, 2019