Las Vegas Motel Outreach Fights Spiritual Darkness in the City Filled With Neon Lights

By Send Relief Staff

The Send Relief ministry center in Las Vegas constantly buzzes with activity.

With five different target areas, our partners from The Hub focus on providing resources to foster families, supporting anti-human trafficking efforts, empowering those experiencing homelessness, cultivating safe communities through education initiatives and encouraging racial reconciliation.

One of the ways The Hub’s ministry staff engages with these struggling communities in Las Vegas is through motel outreach. Every other week, teams of volunteers gather to go door-to-door at some of the city’s more precarious motel venues, handing out goodie bags and pamphlets filled with helpful resources that families can access.

“We try to make sure volunteers return to the same motel rooms and locations so that they can build real, lasting relationships with the residents. You can get specific in how you’re praying for people when you become friends with them! We’ve seen commitments to Christ, and consistently showing up has made all the difference,” Journeyman Brittany McGainey commented.

And residents feel the difference that that kind of intentionality brings!

When a Catholic mother suddenly lost her son, volunteers met her with votive candles as they paid their respects and lamented with her.

When a fatal shooting occurred several months ago, volunteers drove out to their respective motels to check on residents who did not respond to texts or phone calls. Because the volunteer teams visited the on-site so often, they eventually helped the police investigate and locate the shooter.

One resident with a challenging background of domestic abuse and severe generational poverty, Keisha, was about to permanently lose custody of her two daughters when motel outreach volunteers met her.

As they stayed in contact over the coming months, Keisha navigated the extra difficulties of suddenly falling ill and requiring immediate surgery, further complicating her attempts to get her children back. After volunteers prayed over her one afternoon, Keisha tearfully shared that the darkness she had felt penetrating her life seemed to dissipate whenever our teams came over.

Finally, in February of this year, Keisha surprised ministry center staff by showing up to an event with both of her daughters in tow—after using some parenting resources and consistently working on her case plan with a social worker, Keisha received full custody!

Ministry Center Director Kathleen Khal said, “The Lord has shown up in mighty ways and it’s been so encouraging. He truly is establishing the work of our hands. We couldn’t be more grateful and excited for all He is doing in the city of Las Vegas.”

Pray for Keisha and her two daughters to find ways to reconnect and recover from the trauma they have each experienced. Pray for them to bond as a family and to see Jesus in our staff as they continue to serve. Pray for our motel outreach team to find more volunteers willing to come alongside them in this crucial work.

If you would like to help serve on a motel outreach or similar projects in the Las Vegas area, click here for more information or to sign up for a trip today!

Published September 7, 2022

Send Relief Staff