Global Hunger Relief Brings Food to South Asia’s Most Vulnerable

By Send Relief Staff

Like many other regions, South Asia experienced a COVID-19 lockdown.

Many families who were already struggling to find consistent income were thrust into extreme poverty in mere weeks due to mass layoffs and food shortages.

Using much-needed funds from Global Hunger Relief, 30 local partners were able to distribute emergency relief rations to 300 families—1,500 hurting people—who were suffering from severe undernourishment.

The relationships forged through these distributions have opened new doors for ministry in the future and have evolved into treasured friendships.

One of the families who received basic food staples shared their experience with a local partner, “We’ve [had] a lot of trouble because of the pandemic. We’ve had a lot of problems in our family with our children. We worked in the brick kiln with the whole family, but because of this lockdown, the brick kiln closed, and we don’t have work anymore. But then, a brother came and shared the words of Jesus—that He sees us and can give us some relief—and it has been a great blessing for my family. We are very happy to receive this food. Even though we’re from a different religion, we benefitted so much from this gift that we thought we would start going to the temple of Jesus.”

And they did! Through this project, hundreds of people heard the Good News for the first time, and nearly 50 committed their lives to Christ. Today, more than 20 Bible study groups have sprouted from these relationships, and local partners are excited to see the church grow as a result.

Another recipient, Arvin, shared his story, “I come from a very poor family—my two sons, wife, myself and my parents live together. I used to be a shop worker, but the store closed for lockdown, and I lost my job. My family was really going through a difficult time, but a brother came and prayed the song of God in my house and shared rice and other food. We are all very happy and thankful to God for giving us this blessing!”

Finally, an elderly widow, Samira, told us how the Global Hunger Relief-provided food helped her survive: “I am a poor widow with no one to look after me, and I was having a hard time finding food. I have a friend who knows the Lord Jesus, and she came to my house to give me several gifts. I was so happy and have been very blessed—thank God!”

Pray for the local partners to have wisdom as they follow up with the families assisted and pray for rural villages in South Asia who have little access to government aid during this difficult time. If you would like to help more hungry families gain access to nutritious meals, give to Global Hunger Relief today.

Published April 6, 2021

Send Relief Staff