From Hardships to Banana Chips: Send Relief’s BOOST Initiative Has Ripple Effect in the Philippines

Philippines – Even in the backdrop of an economic crisis, lives are being transformed, dreams are taking root and faith is growing in the Philippines, all thanks to the concerted efforts of Send Relief’s Baptist Out of School Training (BOOST) initiative. The initiative, fueled by the generosity of donors, isn’t just about job-skills training; it’s about igniting a ripple effect of positive change, as demonstrated by Gloria’s* story.

Gloria, a wife and mother of three, knows the sting of economic struggle. Her husband’s job as a security guard offered stability, but it all changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and crumbled more due to the economic crisis. Desperately seeking a way to support her family, Gloria clung to faith.

“We experience so much pressure generating income to support our daily needs,” Gloria said. “[Still] God is so amazing. He is ready to help every time we ask for favor.”

Enter BOOST training graduates like Jennifer* and Penelope*, empowered by the program’s skills training. Their journey reflects the project’s goal of equipping individuals with practical knowledge and a stronger faith. Jennifer, a wife, mother and baking enthusiast, blossomed under the program, honing her skills and entrepreneurial expertise. Penelope, a wife and mother of two, also found a path to financial security by learning livestock management and baking.

Gloria, who witnessed her church member graduate from BOOST’s training program, as Jennifer and Penelope did, became inspired by the newfound skills and unwavering faith her sister in Christ had acquired. She then saw a chance to change her circumstances. With the recent BOOST graduate by her side, she started a new venture – a banana chip business. The skills from BOOST, passed on to her, became the catalyst of the small enterprise.

Gloria’s story is a testament to the project’s far-reaching impact. It’s not just about the 126 individuals directly trained, with a total of 750 impacted, nor the 310 who found faith through the BOOST project. It’s about the countless others, like Gloria, touched by the ripples of knowledge, support and faith.

“We have no reason not to be faithful in serving the Lord because God is good all the time,” said Gloria.

The initiative’s impact extends beyond livelihood training, including medical assistance, youth fellowships, Bible distribution and spreading the gospel message to over 800 individuals.

Moreover, BOOST’s commitment to long-term prosperity is evident in its focus on sustainable agriculture. From distributing coconut tree seedlings and facilitating livestock dispersal to establishing a community faith garden, the initiative invests in the future of the communities it serves.

As the BOOST initiative continues to expand its reach, countless individuals are directly and indirectly impacted, as seen in Gloria’s story and the testimonies of Jennifer and Penelope. Throughout the Philippines, Send Relief’s BOOST Initiative will continue to be a pathway to stronger, faith-filled communities.

Published May 28, 2024