Food Distribution Creates Curiosity in Sudanese Muslim Community

By Send Relief Staff

With the escalation of Sudan and South Sudan’s ongoing conflict, many Sudanese families have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and financial security.

Unlike refugees who are placed in rural settlements, the refugee families relocated to urban metropolises do not receive monthly food allowances or rations from the government.

During recent pandemic lockdowns, many families who had finally established small businesses to support themselves lost this crucial source of income and were evicted from their apartments because of unpaid rent.

A Send Relief partner in the region commented on the dire situation, “Refugee life here in the city is already difficult, but when a pandemic was added on top of it, things got pretty dire. There are still many who are struggling as the quarantine continues. Suicide rates have skyrocketed. Hopelessness, anger and discontentment are prevalent in the refugee population right now.”

Because of your gifts, our local partners were able to counter this collective fear and discouragement by empowering a local church to host food distributions with emergency rations. Through this practical embodiment of Christ’s love, church leaders have formed lasting, meaningful relationships with many families they otherwise would not have met.

Another volunteer shared, “The food distribution gave people hope. They were able to face another several weeks of life without the fear of hunger or not being able to feed their children. This distribution gave life to people in the name of Jesus, and they are so very grateful for it!”

One refugee mother was so overcome with emotion, she called the Send Relief partner and shared that her children were starving in front of her eyes prior to this distribution. She thanked our partner over and over again, praising God for the provision of food at the exact moment she was losing hope.

An unexpected benefit also arose out of this food distribution—many local Muslims began asking about the church and its members’ beliefs about a merciful God. Because of this caring congregation, people in the community have, for the very first time, expressed an interest in Christianity. A partner commented, “Islam has let them down and seeing Christians meeting physical needs has shifted their understanding, so many are seeking out conversations about Jesus.”

Thank you for caring for weary refugee families! Your generosity makes projects like these possible.

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Published November 16, 2021

Send Relief Staff