Family Removes Idols in Response to Send Relief Feeding Project

By Send Relief Staff

Amid COVID-19 lockdowns in South Asia, many people found themselves suddenly out of work with no means of getting food for their children.

With your gifts, Send Relief provided 500 people with much-needed food rations!
This food distribution also allowed our national partners to share the gospel during a time when most evangelism projects have been shut down due to quarantines.

The Send Relief project director shared, “Many people were feeling very hopeless, but after receiving food, they felt loved and hopeful. One family even removed their idols because those gods hadn’t answered their prayers. They are now regularly coming to Bible study!”

Thank you for caring for those less fortunate as they navigate the ongoing pandemic! Here are some photos of the men and women you helped survive another week.

Published May 4, 2022

Send Relief Staff