Escaping Syria as a Teenager

By Send Relief Staff

After fleeing a war-torn Syria, Anmar, at 14 years old, made his way to Turkey alone.

Without any family or friends or knowledge of the language to help him navigate this strange new country, Ammar found a way to make enough to live on so that he didn’t starve on the streets.

Eventually, his younger brother Mohammad joined him just in time for them to obtain two spots on a Greek “death boat,” the name given to makeshift rafts that often sunk as they transported refugees.

As of 20 years ago, nearly 30,000 refugees had died attempting to escape their countries via death boats—so you can imagine what the recent compounding refugee crises have done to that statistic.

Traumatized by war and saddened at losing his family and home, Anmar and Mohammad reached their destination. Anmar felt his entire destiny would mean living among the mud, destitution and disease of refugee camps.

After enduring several hate-fueled, arson-set fires in the camp and mass deportations back to Turkey, Ammar and his brother came into contact with some Send Relief partners distributing food, water, medicine, shoes, clothes and hygiene items to survivors.

After attending several Send Relief trauma healing workshops and counseling sessions, Ammar felt confident and hopeful for his future again!

Working tirelessly with our partners to find sustainable housing and employment, Ammar now thrives as a local butcher and can pay rent for a safe, clean apartment for him and Mohammad.

Your gifts made it possible for Anmar to receive hope, help and healing. Please pray for many other refugees stuck in limbo who still suffer the impacts of xenophobia and war.

Published July 13, 2022

Send Relief Staff