Education Illuminates Spiritual Darkness

By Send Relief Staff

Jon* was a quiet, reserved elementary school teacher who lived in constant terror of the evil spirits and dark powers he was taught about as a young boy in his village.

Coming from a community and family in poverty, Jon was taught that life and its circumstances hung in the balance of the spirits’ whims, and the fear they instituted was nearly crippling.

After discovering Send Relief’s education and technology center in his city, Jon quickly became a regular and was exposed to the gospel many times through conversations with our staff. Jon joined the budding library and English center programs for more than just the educational factors—the love and truth shared with him made him feel safe.

“Our center was a sort of refuge for him from the daily grind,” said a Send Relief partner. “He liked it here because he was loved unconditionally, and I believe he sensed something different about us as Jesus followers that was appealing to him.”

Sometimes, this quietness of spirit and assurance of a loving community is the main benefit that Send Relief projects offer.

So many people, in remote and rural international areas specifically, are accustomed to walking through life in a persistent dread of unseen spiritual forces who act in their own interests with no regard to human life. Your generosity makes it possible for Send Relief partners to share the personal, relational love and care of Christ with communities who may otherwise never hear of it!

The education and technology center that Jon attended is one such partnership spreading the hope of the gospel message. In the past year, they have been able to create 15 community libraries in villages that were specifically chosen because they have no access to English books or education—one of the main skillsets that help rural families find new job opportunities. These information centers host English classes for all learning levels, college and professional resources and conversation classes that have fostered many meaningful relationships in the past year.

Pray for the conversations emerging from these friendships to lead to gospel commitments and for young people like Jon to discover they need not live in fear. To help more communities gain access to ESL classes and education opportunities, give today at!

*Name changed for security.

Published January 13, 2021

Send Relief Staff