An Egg A Day Keeps the Children at Play!

Imagine only being able to provide your children with one meal a day. 

This is a reality for many parents in sub-Saharan Africa.

BGR partners saw this need and started an “egg a day” program where sponsors could provide children with one egg every day they were in school. The only problem was finding a consistent supplier of that many eggs.

That’s where you stepped in!

You funded a chicken coop that is now producing nearly 1,000 eggs per day, and this surplus allows partners to provide weekly meals to kids in five different schools, one large migrant camp, and a hospital! If production is over what was expected that week, partners trade the remaining food for much-needed school supplies.

Local workers were hired to construct and run the coop and have made a point of building partnerships with businesses in the area, as opposed to outsourcing. The coop is now 100% self-sufficient, and the schools affected have experienced an increase in attendance and enrollment now that parents know their children will be fed! 

Over 2,500 kids in this community are being impacted daily by your generosity! You can bless even more children with the gift of food by donating below.

Published September 17, 2019