All People, All Religions, All Nations

By Send Relief Staff

Last year, Send Relief gained access to a previously unreached region of a prominent South Asian country.

Before this project began, entire clusters of villages had never heard the name of Jesus before. In the few towns that had been exposed to Christianity before, persecution was prevalent. And throughout the region, many people were deprived of basic hygiene products and the knowledge of how to keep their children healthy and disease-free.

Establishing a presence in this area was no easy task, but our teams approached the challenge with the objectives of improving both physical and mental health awareness, opening doors for evangelism opportunities in the future and planting churches in the neediest neighborhoods.

In a little less than a year, Send Relief was able to launch seven medical camps across rural regions with no access to proper healthcare. Seven local doctors were hired to serve these populations in their own language, and it was soon discovered that for many patients, it was their very first time seeing a doctor.

Moved by this great need, dozens of volunteers joined the project and, eventually, more than 1,500 people were evaluated and treated—about half were children.

Vitamins, de-worming medicine and iron supplements were distributed among the women and children. Life-threatening illnesses, including cancerous tumors, deadly viruses and severe diabetes were also identified in time to develop treatment plans for the patients at risk.

Even more encouraging, the Lord worked through these camps to bring dozens to faith—many village leaders have even been baptized and started their own house churches. The first Muslim convert in the city was reached through these efforts, too.

Kasim* is a devoted husband and father who was treated at one of the medical camps. Amazed at the care provided, he invited Send Relief partners into his home to find out why complete strangers loved his community enough to give free examinations and medicine away on a regular basis. Our partners gladly explained the gospel and how it prompts caring for all people of all religions in all nations. He responded to this Good News and also brought his wife to faith!

Today, there are still ongoing ministries in each village working to bring the love of Christ to these families’ doorsteps. Long after the medical camps have ended, Send Relief partners are staying involved in these communities, meeting physical needs in the name of Jesus.

Pray for more open doors in restricted regions as COVID-19 regulations lift. To help more families get the medical care they need, give today.

*Name changed for security.

Published December 4, 2020

Send Relief Staff