A Personal Thank You from India’s COVID Survivors

One of India’s poorest and most populated regions was absolutely devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a population of over 100 million people, the area experienced an almost immediate economic collapse, as most day laborers were laid off for an entire year.

Because of your generosity, Send Relief was able to partner with 500 of India’s churches to serve nearly 4,000 people of this region who were in desperate need of emergency food rations. Some of the recipients wanted to extend their gratitude to you, the donor, personally.

“My name is Anil, and I come from a poor class family fully dependent upon the provision of God for our survival. I am married with three children, and I praise God for how He has protected us and kept us safe. The coronavirus affected me financially because all the house churches were closed, with no offerings or food supplies coming to us. As a family, we were fasting and praying for food for three days because our children were suffering. I called a Send Relief partner and told them that we didn’t have anything left to survive on. Within two hours, our area leader brought enough food supply for one month. I am very much thankful to God for what He has done, and I will never forget that He really does care about His people.”

“I am Meera, and I want to thank God for being my refuge during a difficult time. During the last lockdown, my family was living in crisis and were struggling for food. During this time, a Send Relief partner reached out to me with a big package of groceries. This brought a new hope and smile to my face. My family was so happy! I can’t express in words how relaxed I felt after receiving this help. Now, I can say like Job that my Redeemer lives. I am grateful to God, and I want to extend my thanks to God’s people who sacrificially extended their hands to help us. I assure you that I will continually pray for you all.”

“My name is Chandra, and I serve the Lord with my family of five. I come from a poor class family, and there is no one to help me in an emergency. During lockdown, my financial condition was going down, and I was living in the tension of how to manage the situation. My wife, son and I went two days without food when I called our pastor to pray for us. The next day, he brought medicine and food to last us one month. I was also COVID positive and fighting for my life during this time. I could only depend upon my living God, who has carried me until now. He never leaves His people, and He has miraculously provided and brought joy to my face again. I am grateful to God and to our Send Relief family. Your help and blessings have really changed my situation and encouraged me a lot. I am alive because God has given me new life.”

Thank you for caring for the people of India as they continue to struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to help more families like this, give below today.

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Published September 21, 2021