A Miracle After a Cyclone

By Send Relief Staff

Over the past year, tropical cyclones, flash floods and landslides have devastated islands along the Asia Rim.

Islanders in more rural areas struggled to recover because government aid rarely reached their remote villages and uncovering their homes from the debris required inaccessible heavy equipment.

Many of these island communities included people groups who had never heard the gospel or had any contact with a Christian. When Send Relief teams arrived, most villagers slept on leftover wreckage or the ground—thirsty, hungry and feeling overlooked by their people.

Because of your gifts, our partners had the opportunity to remind them that God had not forgotten or abandoned their families!

“They felt surprised a team would come from so far to help them. Overwhelmed with joy to receive food, mats, blankets and pillows, they wanted to help us pass out supplies to their neighboring villages,” a team leader said.

Our partners also witnessed a miracle through this service project!

A 25-year-old woman, Lucy, had lived with chronic pain and illness symptoms every day of her life since elementary school. Lucy’s mother had regularly taken her into the city to get answers from an array of doctors and specialists, but no one could determine the source of her chronic pain.

When the team approached Lucy, she was having a tough day, fraught with body aches exacerbated by sleeping outdoors. Our partners spoke with Lucy and her family. They shared the gospel and prayed over her.

Soon afterward, Lucy decided to receive Christ and get baptized. She woke up for the first day in years with no pain or physical ailments! Lucy spent the rest of the week walking around her village, praising Jesus and telling her neighbors what God had done for her.

Pray for Lucy’s physically healing to continue and for her spiritual growth. Please pray for islanders still suffering from the aftermath of natural disasters to find the resources they need to rebuild.

Published May 31, 2023

Send Relief Staff