5 Ways You Can Help Refugees

By Send Relief Staff

Today, we face what is perhaps the greatest refugee crisis in recorded history.

Civil unrest, economic downturn and religious persecution have forced over 80 million people to flee their homes in search of better lives for them and their children. With such a monumental number of displaced families, it can feel overwhelming trying to find ways to help. That’s why Send Relief has compiled a list of five practical ways you can help refugee families right now.

  1. Give
    Send Relief teams work tirelessly to ensure that refugee communities are well taken care of, whether they’re trekking across the Andes mountains or fleeing warzones in Syria. The wrap-around services offered often come at a steep cost, however, and your contributions help make sure our partners on the ground are able to continue the valuable work of meeting urgent physical needs while sharing the heart of the gospel.
  2. Pray
    Never underestimate the power of prayer! You have the unique opportunity to come alongside these hurting families through intercession and friendship by asking God to protect them on their journeys, heal the emotional and spiritual trauma of their experiences and lead them to physical safety in another region of the world.
  3. Facilitate ESL Classes
    The Church has such an incredible chance to serve refugees who have recently arrived in their new home countries in the form of English classes. With immigrants comprising 13% of the U.S. population and 20% of Canada’s, you can help these families acclimate to their new environments by teaching them English or sponsoring a class. Not only will ESL studies help meet their basic needs of communicating and forming community, they will also serve as an opportunity to share the story of Jesus!
  4. Pack Backpacks
    Make a party of it! Get together with your friends, family, small group or church and pack bags full of back-to-school necessities for students, clothes and diapers for children or household essentials for parents. A welcome basket or backpack goes a long way in making recently arrived refugee families feel accepted and cared for in their new neighborhoods.
  5. Go on a Mission Trip
    Send Relief has ministry centers in Clarkston and Denver that are heavily focused on refugee and immigrant ministries. You can join seasoned ministry experts and missionaries for hands-on, immersive experience in serving and evangelizing in diverse neighborhoods. This weeklong community outreach trip is specifically designed to help you better understand and minister to refugee families—what better way to learn about a community?

Regardless of how you choose to serve, we are grateful for your continued support as we minister to hurting and displaced people.

Published June 4, 2021

Send Relief Staff