5 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

By Send Relief Staff

November is National Adoption Month!

In celebration, we want to offer you and your church some practical, effective ways to get involved in the adopting and fostering communities this year. From taking a mission trip to saying a prayer, we’ve got options for your church at whatever level of commitment you prepared for in November.

  1. Start a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM).
    At Send Relief, we believe vulnerable children need strong families and the love of Christ the most in their young lives. Most churches desire to positively impact at-risk children’s lives but don’t know how to take the first step. A Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) can provide your church with a plan and expert guidance on how to get started. Most FAMs consist of a team of believing advocates who have a passion for foster care, adoption and healthy family structures. This type of ministry model typically focuses on preventing children and families from needing the involvement of child welfare services, intervening in the lives of children already in the foster care system and attempting to connect these vulnerable children to their new forever homes. Your church can learn how to start a FAM and connect with a coach today by consulting our website for more information.
  2. Raise funds for Send Relief’s Gift Catalog items.
    Our Gift Catalog has many options for children and teenagers experiencing hardship. Some of our most popular giving options include book bundles to improve literacy levels, properly fitting and age-appropriate clothes, pajamas and a stuffed animal for those recently removed from abusive households and emergency rations in case of crisis. You have all these options when you opt to give to vulnerable children through the Send Relief Gift Catalog!
  3. Sign up for a mission trip to our Valdosta Ministry Center.
    Over 15,000 children have entered Georgia’s foster care system annually in the last few years. With over a decade of service in the region, Send Relief’s Valdosta Ministry Center prioritizes children in crisis by training both churches and families in best practices when navigating their adoption and foster care journeys. If you choose to volunteer here, you can expect to be involved with mentorship camps, church training, trauma-informed care workshops and resourcing families in need.
  4. Listen to the Adopting and Fostering Home podcast.
    Whether your family or church has taken this journey for years or just starting, the Adopting and Fostering Home podcast will support and encourage you. Hosted by Lynette Ezell, this resource offers expert advice, family testimonials and solidarity among the adopting and fostering community members.
  5. Commit to consistently praying for vulnerable children this month.
    Across the globe, many children live in crisis, face labor and sexual exploitation and experience neglect or abuse regularly. Because of their vulnerability, they often endure discrimination and have no voice in their mistreatment. You have the power to interrupt these generational cycles by praying for this overlooked population throughout the month using our Protect Children and Families Prayer Guide.

These are just a few of the many ways you and your church can support families and children in vulnerable situations and become a part of the solution. If you are interested in learning more or accessing additional free resources, visit our Protect Children and Families webpage today.

Published November 4, 2022

Send Relief Staff