3 Ways Chickens Can Make A Difference in Vulnerable Communities

By Send Relief Staff

With so many big, overwhelming problems in the world, how can a few chickens make a difference? Find out how you can change lives this Giving Tuesday (December 1) with a $25 donation for chickens!

Your gift could provide chickens to help a family start their own businesses, selling meat and eggs to provide for their children.

Still skeptical? Here are three communities that have been changed by a simple gift!

1. Special Needs Schools

In sub-Saharan Africa, Send Relief partners have established a school for mentally challenged children with Down’s Syndrome, autism and other disabilities. Many of these kids have been ostracized from their communities and families because of their challenges and are learning practical life skills for the very first time.

Your gift of $25 can provide chicks, feed and vaccinations to the school as teachers train kids in chicken farming and entrepreneurship—all while sharing the love of Jesus! This Christmas, you could help a shunned child become a productive, accepted member of their community.

2. Remote Tribal Villages

For many South American tribes, COVID-19 quarantine measures have destroyed their livelihoods and made it nearly impossible to keep food on the table. Local believers are prepared to purchase and distribute chicks along with presentations of Bible stories in the tribes’ native languages, but we need your help to make it happen.

Your gift of chickens to families living in agricultural villages in the foothills can make the difference between children going to bed hungry or waking up to a nutritious meal!

3. Communities Effected by Natural Disasters

After Volcano Fuego’s sudden eruption in Guatemala last year, hundreds of villagers were left without homes or reliable sources of income. Crops, huts and businesses were destroyed in mere hours, melting under the ash and hot lava.

The gift of chickens can enable these communities and others affected by natural disasters to establish chicken coops and start providing for their families as they recover from such unexpected catastrophes.

Your generosity will be transformative for families. Show God’s love by meeting physical needs and sharing the hope of the gospel, and join us this Giving Tuesday for a one-day Chicken Challenge as we serve communities in need around the world!

Published November 19, 2020

Send Relief Staff