Memphis Ministry Center

There are deep, generational wounds in the hearts of families and communities in Memphis. Send Relief’s ministry center is striving to see those broken relationships reconciled and made well in Christ through soul transformation.



A local pastor described Memphis as a “gritty city” that doesn’t wait for you to choose it—it chooses you.

Memphis is resilient. It has survived war, plagues, earthquakes and Jim Crow laws to evolve into today’s industrial metropolis. Known by locals as “Bluff City,” Memphis is the home to a vibrant, multicultural community of more than half a million people.

Despite poverty levels more than 25% and crime rates that are skyrocketing by the month, God is here, moving among His people to build the Church.

The Memphis Ministry Center helps mobilize local churches to build relationships. These relationships empower neighbors to flourish through creative pathways that translate across cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic lines.

The goal is to display the beauty of the diversity of Christ’s body through Spirit-filled compassion ministry projects that are anchored in the support of local believers. Ministry center staff want every stranger to know that within their walls, they are seen and loved by a community and by God.

What We Do

The Memphis Ministry Center is committed to serving its neighbors by:

  • Caring for newly arrived refugees
  • Serving housing and food insecure families in Memphis Shelby County schools.
  • Fighting human trafficking
  • And mobilizing the next generation of missionaries.

By partnering with The Dwelling Place Christian Church and the Mid-South Baptist Association, the ministry center team focuses their efforts on being a refuge for hurting hearts, developing local partnerships, hosting after-school programs for vulnerable children and supporting immigrants entering the workforce.


Shun Abram

Memphis Ministry Center Director Shun Abram saw growing needs in west Tennessee as early as 2009. This compelled him to pursue compassion ministry as a fulltime job. After planting Binghampton Community Church in the inner city where he still serves as Senior Pastor, Abram earned his master’s degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. In following his ongoing call to ministry, Abram also began recruiting missions teams through the Mid-South Baptist Association, where he worked as a coordinator. He and his wife of 20 years, Mary, have four children—Mikayla, Isaac, Grace and David.