Medical and Dental

Healthcare is a basic human right, but many families have little-to-no access to reliable medical services. Send Relief is creating mobile clinics and distributing emergency aid to the world’s most under-served populations.


(Strengthen Communities – Greatest Need)


Bring health care where it’s needed most. To equip you and your community to meet the healthcare needs in your city, Send Relief offers an innovative solution: mobile medical and dental units. These state-of-the-art, drivable units are designed to specifically meet the needs of those who are unable to pursue conventional healthcare options. By providing practical health care screenings, dental procedures and other services, you and your church will also have the opportunity to share lasting hope through the gospel.

Request a Medical/Dental Event

Hosting an event to provide free medical or dental care creates opportunities to meet needs in your community. Request a call from the Send Relief team to discuss bringing the Send Relief mobile medical or dental unit to your community.

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