Medical and Dental

Healthcare is a basic human right, but many families have little-to-no access to reliable medical services. Send Relief is creating mobile clinics and distributing emergency aid to the world’s most under-served populations.


(Strengthen Communities – Greatest Need)


Bring health care where it’s needed most! To equip you and your community to meet pressing healthcare needs, Send Relief offers innovative solutions. In North America, you can help fund mobile medical and dental units to provide free healthcare to impoverished communities. Internationally, you can sponsor much-needed medical attention for trafficking survivors, trauma counseling for refugee families and offer clinic supplies to underserved medical facilities.

In North America, state-of-the-art mobile medical and dental units are designed to specifically meet the needs of those who are unable to pursue conventional healthcare options. By providing practical health care screenings, dental procedures and other services, you and your church will also have the opportunity to share lasting hope through the gospel.

Overseas, what many trafficking survivors, refugees displaced by war and families impacted by natural disasters need is urgent medical attention. In rural regions or modern metropolises destabilized by the pandemic, however, many hospitals and clinics simply do not have the technology or equipment they need to meet their communities’ healthcare needs. You can make these problems a thing of the past by giving to international medical projects today!

Request a Medical/Dental Event

Hosting an event to provide free medical or dental care creates opportunities to meet needs in your community. Request a call from the Send Relief team to discuss bringing the Send Relief mobile medical or dental unit to your community.

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Fund a Survivor’s Recovery or Medical Supplies for a Clinic

Donate today to help a survivor of trafficking, natural disaster or war get the medical attention they so desperately need or help a medical facility in an overlooked community gain access to sterile, updated equipment and medicines that will save lives for years to come.

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