Hurricane Iota

Hurricane Iota hammered Central America as a catastrophic category 4 storm just weeks after Hurricane Eta tore through the region.


This response is no longer in progress. To continue supporting Send Relief’s international crisis response efforts after disasters like Hurricane Iota, give to the International Crisis Response Fund located in the give box above.

Just two weeks after Hurricane Eta slammed into Central America, Hurricane Iota struck the same region on November 16 as a slow-moving, category 4 hurricane. With maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, Iota was one of the many Atlantic hurricanes in a record-breaking 2020 hurricane season.

Iota brought extreme winds, life-threatening storm surge and a maximum of 30 inches of rain to an area still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Eta.

Send Relief worked with local partners on the ground to care for families impacted by the storm. Your gifts to the International Crisis Response Fund provided food, water and more to communities recovering from disasters.

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