Super Typhoon Goni

The massive typhoon roared into the Philippines with 195 mph winds. Send Relief national partners brought help and hope to impacted families.


This response is no longer in progress. To continue supporting Send Relief’s international crisis response efforts after disasters like Super Typhoon Goni, give to the International Crisis Response Fund located in the give box above.

In a year filled with destructive storms, Super Typhoon Goni has the distinction of being the most powerful of 2020. Packing winds of 195 miles an hour, the super typhoon slammed into the Philippines and left death and destruction in its wake.

Nearly 2 million people were affected by catastrophic winds and flooding. To make matters worse, this storm came just days after Typhoon Molave hit the Philippines.

Send Relief worked with local ministry partners in Southeast Asia to provide emergency food assistance and temporary shelter to the impacted communities. Along with the physical relief relief, volunteers shared the gospel with each individual helped.

Your gifts to the International Crisis Response Fund were vital to these relief efforts.

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