East Africa Drought and Hunger Crisis

Many countries around the globe are facing unprecedented hunger needs after the last few years of ongoing droughts, famine, natural disasters, COVID lockdowns, refugee crises, rising food costs and war. One of the regions most impacted is East Africa. 40 million people face starvation every year, and 20 million children are impacted by malnourishment, thirst and disease. Send Relief needs your help as we respond to these overwhelming statistics.



In East Africa, many communities are on the cusp of famine as they face the worst drought the region has seen in four decades.

At this moment, the situation has escalated to a point that even the wildlife has been effected. Nearly 10 million livestock has died, and livestock is often a family’s only source of reliable income.

The effects of this crisis are far-reaching.

Three million children have been forced to drop out of school for hunger-related reasons, with another four million at risk of doing the same. Men are having to travel further and further from home in search of adequate grazing pastures, leaving their women, children, sickly and elderly behind and vulnerable to raids. Women and children are being forced to walk further to access clean water sources, leading to more sexual assault and violence as they are unaccompanied. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are dying and contracting life-threatening diseasing at higher rates due to lack of proper nutrition and care. Charges of child labor, child marriage, abuse and gender-based violence are skyrocketing.

Our Impact

Because of your generosity and relationships with trusted partners, Send Relief is hosting emergency food distributions and providing other necessities to East Africa’s most vulnerable communities: undernourished children, expectant mothers, people with alternate abilities, the sick and the elderly. Our goal is to sustain these vulnerable groups through yet another season of drought and famine.

How You Can Help

You can make a difference in the lives of these mothers, children, grandparents and more at-risk communities with your prayers and donations. Pray for rain to return to this land and that there would not be another dry season, as currently predicted, so that these people can once again plant crops, harvest food and feed their livestock. Pray that Send Relief food distributions will offer help and hope to the hungry and that our partners and local churches would find open doors to share the gospel through these projects.

Photo Gallery

Scroll through this photo gallery to see the faces of those you have already helped by giving to Send Relief projects serving the people of East Africa!

From The Field

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