COVID-19 Response in India

As COVID-19 cases surge in India, Send Relief partners are providing food, medical supplies and hope to the most vulnerable.


To read the latest update on how your gifts are meeting critical needs for families in India, click here. To read a first-hand account of the crisis in India, click here.

A new wave of COVID-19 is devastating communities in India. Thousands are dying everyday. There are shortages of hospital beds, oxygen supplies, life support equipment and medicine. Many are unable to work because of the lockdown and can no longer afford food for their families. In crowded cities, social distancing is nearly impossible for the most impoverished.

Send Relief partners are distributing food to the most vulnerable, providing medical equipment to hospitals and conducting trainings to help people understand how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Because of these efforts, hundreds of thousands of people are receiving help – with more distributions and trainings being planned every day.

Your gift to the Send Relief COVID-19 International Response Fund will bring vital care to some in need:

  • $10 can provide PPE for a healthcare worker.
  • $25 can provide a food box to a hungry family.
  • $500 can provide an ICU bed in a hospital.
  • $1,000 can provide oxygen-making equipment for a COVID-19 patient.

Thank you for sharing the love of Christ to those who need it most.