Is Your Church Ready?

Hundreds of disasters take place every year across North America. These disasters can range from mudslides, floods, earthquakes, tornados, fires and more. What was seemingly a normal day moments before can quickly deteriorate into a crisis. The best way to get ahead of “this storm” is to be proactive and not simply reactive. Crisis reactions and response times are better when preplanning takes place. Are you ready?

A disaster ready church is a church that has thought through the variables and weighed the implications of a disaster striking their community. Responding effectively during a time of crisis is a critical piece in providing for your local community, earning their trust and supporting new and old relationships. We have an intentional way to bring hope to what can quickly become a hopeless situation. Through focused effort and coordination, people and churches are coming together to help care for people in crisis.

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  • Local government officials, emergency management, and law enforcement control access to damaged areas.
  • American Red Cross Chapter leaders coordinate services for disaster survivors.
  • Businesses, non-profits and other churches are key allies in meeting needs following a disaster.


  • In your local community.
  • To other communities affected by disasters.
  • To other countries after disasters strike.