Collegiate Disaster Response

Why would a college student want to give up their Spring Break or time off during a holiday to work in wet and dirty conditions? Jordan Niemeyer, a student from Anderson University, said it best:

“There’s nothing that replaces the look on a homeowner’s face than when you get to talk to them and when you get to share the gospel with them, when you get to look them in the eyes and pray for them and tell them that there’s hope in the middle of this destruction.”

When weather events happen in a way that they impact our neighbors, doors are opened for us to respond. Mobilizing groups of students is an incredibly effective way to have a huge impact in a short period of time. Because the weather events usually impact large areas and thousands of homes, there’s work still to be done long after the story is out of the news.

Student Brantley Farmer from Francis Marion University shared, “I hope that when we leave the homeowners, that the fixing that we’ve done or whatever small part that we’ve had in helping them rebuild, lets them feel the love of Christ in their heart and that we can leave them with a sense of Godliness in their house.”

Opportunities are available now for your college group to serve. Contact us if you’re ready to share hope with families trying to recover from recent storms.

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