Before storms ever hit, you can pray. Your prayers are essential in the effectiveness of relief efforts. We see lives changed during every relief effort. God is at work in the middle of the destruction, and we invite you to pray with us for more stories of hope, healing and redemption.

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You have a passion for helping and sharing hope of the gospel, and we can help. We connect you to opportunities to meet physical needs while also providing channels for sharing the hope of the gospel. Working in recovery zones is not easy, but God will inevitably use you in ways you never imagined.

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Storms can happen anytime, anywhere. Local churches can make a big impact by helping with relief efforts as well as the recovery and rebuilding process. In fact, these are incredible opportunities to engage with those in need and provided consistent community.

We connect you with congregations in impacted areas to help with repairs, supplies and more.  

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Response and recovery are urgent, complex and expensive. Your gifts allow advance preparation and quick response to families impacted by tragedy. Although many people give when the disaster hits the news, they often forget about the needs when reports are no longer making headlines; this is when your generosity can make an even greater difference.