Before storms ever hit, you can pray. We believe that the power of prayer is essential as God prepares to use a storm that he controls to bring people to salvation through Jesus Christ. We see it in every storm. In the middle of the destruction are stories of faith and hope, people who have responded to the gospel while hovering over their destroyed possessions.

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Through Send Relief, we mobilize churches and individuals with a passion for helping and sharing hope. We want to connect you to opportunities to serve that meet physical needs while providing channels for sharing Jesus with hurting people. We want to connect you with roles that primarily require one thing: your commitment. Working in recovery zones is not easy, but God will inevitably use you in a way you never imagined.

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Church-to-Church Partnerships

Storms are no respecter of the types of people, communities, or neighborhoods they impact. Recovering and rebuilding are long-term processes, but we know that the church is key to making that happen. The church is still a central part of many of our communities, so we know that when the church, the family of God, is stable, they are better equipped and prepared to minister to the neighbors around them.

By aligning your church with a church in an impacted area, you can partner with them for the long term to meet their specific needs. When facility repairs are needed, you and other churches can work together to help make that possible. Send Relief will facilitate the process of helping your church connect with another in an impacted community.



Response and recovery is urgent, complex, and expensive. Your generous gifts allow us to prepare in advance and respond quickly to meet the greatest needs of families that are impacted. Although we know that most people give when the disaster is in the news, it is when the disaster is no longer in the headlines that most of the needs continue to grow and use the most resources.